Chicago thrashers Aftermath were one of the most important underground Metal bands that were spewed forth from that area in the eighties along with Zoetrope, Thrust, Trouble, Terminal Death, Macabre, Devastation, Death Strike, etc.

The band’s second demo, Killing the Future, released in 1987, really took the cake when I got to hear it for the very first time thanks to the tape-trading scene, which brought a lot of promising underground Metal bands to light. The crossover-oozing Thrash Metal of these Chicago fellow simply said, kicked ass.

After adding a second guitar player, John Lovette, and Danny Vega replacing Adam on bass, the group’s music turned more complex and progressive, which led a brilliant outcome; the four-song Words That Echo Fear demo, released in 1989 that got rave reviews from everywhere on the planet.

It took five more years until the band’s long-awaited debut album, Eyes of Tomorrow, was released. The album was written in 1988 but due to the bankruptcy of the original label (Big Chief Records), it slowed things down so they decided to release the album on their own label Zoid Recordings, in 1994.

The band kept going until 1996 when they sadly broke up. June 5, 2014, saw Aftermath rise from the dead and now they have a new album recorded and done. But instead of babbling forever, I will let the band’s vocalist talk about this new album, the main concept behind it, how we are controlled in our societies by a small group of people that have got too much power and so forth


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